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10 Pakistani students qualify for international Round of BCWC

Islamabad:  According to a press release, ten Pakistani students have qualified for the final global round in the internationally renowned 12th edition of the Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition (BCWC) 2021-22.

After a challenging grading period, the judges selected 126 national applicants worldwide who will advance to the international round of judging on January 29 -30, 2022.

The BCWC aims to foster a love for creativity, imagination, reading and writing. The competition is open to students from grades 6 to 12.

As many as 3,014 students participated in the current year’s competition, out of which 10 Pakistani students have qualified for the international round.

Pakistani students who qualified for the International Round are Amanya Jawad of grade 6 from Preparatory School, Islamabad; Mayher Syed (grade 6) from Lahore Grammar School, Lahore; Haleema Usman (grade 7) from TNS Beaconhouse, Lahore; Meerub Farid (grade 7) from Lahore Grammar School, Nyrah Haseeb (grade 7) from Beaconhouse, Cantt Campus, Lahore; Mehraal Syed (grade 8) from Lahore Grammar School, Lahore; Afnan Tahir (grade 9) from Lahore Grammar School, Wapda Town, Lahore; Raniyah Adnan (grade 9) from Lahore Grammar School, Islamabad; Fatima Ahmed Malik (grade 10) from Benchmark School System, Rawalpindi and Alayna Khan (grade 12) from Lahore Grammar School, Lahore.

The competition was brought to Pakistan by an education consultancy firm Eye on Ivy, which offers strategic advice and guidance on the admission process to a wide variety of programmes abroad.