15 students complete internship with police

Islamabad : As many as 15 students of Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST) completed their internship with Islamabad Capital Police and were educated about traffic rules and road safety measures.

Following the directions of IGP Islamabad Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, Islamabad Capital Police (ICTP) is acquainting citizens and students about traffic rules through various programs. Following one of such programmes, a batch of CUST students completed their internship with ICTP spanning 65-hour and they were educated about traffic rules, road safety measures, and the functioning of various departments.

Addressing the concluding ceremony, the SSP (Traffic) Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanweer said that efforts are underway to promote friendly policing in the city. He said that the young generation is our asset and their cooperation, as well as responsible attitude, is crucial for a safe road environment in the city.