Artists applaud art mentorship programme

Islamabad : Studio RM in Lahore and Gallery 6 Islamabad have joined hands and launched the first-ever ‘Art mentorship Programme,’ sponsored by Ercelawn Art Fund.

Aly Alp Ercelawn was a prominent economist of Pakistan who played a major role in making the Department of Economics at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, an exemplary department in the 1970s. Besides being an economist, Ercelawn was an educationist, a rights activist, an arts supporter, and a philanthropist. The spectrum of his financial assistance in large amounts spread in areas of education, nutrition, family support, art,  artists support and much more

The first-ever art mentorship programme initiative was established in October 2021 through funding provided by Ercelawn. It aims to counsel young artists who have a noticeable talent and a degree in visual arts and are looking for guidance to develop their artistic careers. Unfortunately, Ercelawn  passed away before  the completion of the first AMP due to postoperative complications.

The objectives of the programme are to guide and mentor artists to: (a) broaden their vision, (b) enhance perspectives, (c) expand thinking process, and (d) sharpen skills in the execution of their artwork to facilitate them in building their visual arts career.

The first AMP was announced in early October 2021 and 79 applications were received. Surprisingly, young artists from Sri Lanka and India also applied. The  two-month programme began on November 1 and was completed on December 31, with 5 artists Aimen Batool, Javaid Iqbal Mughal and Maham Nadeem from Lahore, Muhammad Habib Akram from Gujrat, and Qasim Bugti from Quetta. Mariam Khan from Karachi could not attend as she fell ill.