British Council launches creative collaboration programme in Pakistan

Karachi: British Council CEO Scott McDonald launched a ‘Pakistan/UK New Perspectives’ programme in Karachi on Thursday to mark the 75th anniversary of Pakistan. The launch was attended by prominent guests from the government, performing arts, culture, academia and the media, said a press release issued on Friday.

Pakistan/UK New Perspectives acknowledges and builds upon the deep cultural ties between Pakistan and UK, and features an expansive cultural programme spanning theatre, film, visual arts, sustainable design and architecture, digital platforms, music, literature, museums, broadcast and dialogue, capacity and skills building, research, and numerous exciting cross-arts commissions.

“People in Pakistan and UK will have the chance to experience creative work from some of the best UK and Pakistani organisations, artists and institutions creating together,” said the statement.

The Rangoonwala Foundation is partnering with the British Council for the Pakistan/UK New Perspectives programme. A full list of initiatives under the programme is available on the British Council website.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, a partner for the Pakistan/UK: New Perspectives programme, talked about her collaboration with the Scottish Documentary Institute to mentor 10 young female film-makers to create their original content through this initiative.

She stated: ”Pakistan’s rich cultural landscape offers so much to inspire film-makers here, but producing and providing small grants for documentary films — particularly for female film-makers in non-urban parts of the country — can be a struggle. So, our timely collaboration with the Scottish Documentary Institute and British Council means that for the first time, through Patakha Pictures, we will be able to provide small grants and mentoring for this new generation of storytellers.”

Speaking at the launch, Scott McDonald, CEO of the British Council, said: “One of the British Council’s core aims is to support young people, especially women, girls and marginalised communities, to access opportunities. Arts and culture play an instrumental role in creating platforms for their voice and expression and it is excellent to see that they are an integral part of the Pakistan/UK New Perspectives programme.”

The evening ended with an inspiring performance by Wahab Shah, a renowned choreographer and performer. Shah, in collaboration with Inspirate UK, is leading a programme that explores modes of creating new narratives through dance.