Art Exhibition

“Calling all Creatives” Art Exhibition: A Celebration of Creativity and Diversity”

“Calling All Creatives” was a call to all artists to display their original works, including paintings, calligraphy, abstracts, scenes, drawings and more. The presence of recognised area experts who judged the artworks matched the participants’ enthusiasm. Aisha Abdullah (Faculty of NUST – SADA Department), Rabail Anwer (founder of the esteemed brand – Uptown), Sumbal Manzoor (Head of Centre of the International Centre of Excellence) and Laraib Azhar, Head of Department – Arts & Design at a prominent international school, served as judges for the competition.
This inspiring and vibrant art exhibition was hosted by the International Centre of Excellence on 17th August 2023 named “Calling All Creatives” at their Islamabad Campus. It brought together artists from diverse backgrounds and locations to showcase their exceptional talents while promoting art as a means of cultural exchange and creative expression.
From 10 AM to 2 PM, the campus was alive with the vibrant energy of art enthusiasts who came to witness the extraordinary array of artistic creations. The weather cooperated beautifully, adding to the inviting atmosphere. Attendees enjoyed exploring the artistic creations, mingling with fellow art lovers, having insightful conversations, and lunch by Abay Khao ( i.e., food cart truck by esteemed deaf staff).
In addition to providing a platform for local performers, the event attracted people from all over Pakistan, including Multan, Karachi, Peshawar, Swabi, and Taxila. The display showcased the rich artistic tapestry of our society and accurately reflected the variety of the country.
The International Centre of Excellence presented the competition’s winners with a shield and a cash award in recognition of their exceptional abilities. Each participant received a certificate acknowledging their significant contribution to the event as well as their passion and inventiveness.
The show attracted a lot of interest, and both participants and visitors indicated their eagerness for future events of this kind. The enthusiastic crowd’s response demonstrated the event’s success in establishing a sense of community and cultural appreciation in addition to the promotion of art.
“Calling All Creatives” demonstrated the ability of creativity to break down barriers and unite people from various backgrounds. The celebration of the human spirit and the extraordinary diversity that characterises our society was as much a part of the event as it was about the art.