Over 60,000 Pakistani students have successfully cleared their O-level and IGCSE examinations as Cambridge announced the results on Wednesday.
The latest round of assessments conducted by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) has garnered attention for being the most extensive examination series to date.
Impressively, a staggering 1.7 million applications were received from 5,600 educational institutions across 147 countries. This figure reflects an 11% increase compared to the numbers from June 2022.

Notably, Pakistan saw a rise of 4% in the number of entries for the June 2023 Cambridge IGCSE and O-level exams, with over 210,000 students participating in the assessments.

Among the diverse array of subjects, Pakistani students displayed a notable preference for Islamiyat, English, and Pakistan Studies.

Uzma Yousuf, the Country Director for Pakistan, extended her heartfelt congratulations to the accomplished students of Cambridge International in Pakistan, lauding their well-deserved achievements.

She expressed deep admiration for the unwavering determination exhibited by both students and their families, particularly in the face of uncertainties. She offered sincere congratulations to the 60,000 Pakistani students who excelled in their results.

She assured that the Cambridge qualification standards, as they existed before the disruptions caused by the 2019 Covid pandemic, would be reinstated. Emphasizing the significance of this year’s evaluation process, she highlighted that the grading standards have reverted to those of 2019.
Furthermore, she noted that the impact of the pandemic has been thoughtfully considered in determining the grades. Therefore, a student who attained an A grade prior to the pandemic can expect the same likelihood of achieving an A grade in 2023.
Rod Smith, the Group Managing Director of International Education at Cambridge, conveyed a reassuring message. He emphasized that students holding these qualifications can approach the future with confidence, armed with the essential skills required to seize upcoming opportunities.
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