Fire Safety Certificates

CDA Orders Schools to Provide Building Stability and Fire Safety Certificates

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to take action against non-conforming uses of buildings for schools in the federal capital. A public notice has been issued by CDA Building Control Section, which states that such buildings have to submit Building Stability Certificate and Fire Safety Certificate. The notice also asked such schools to remove additional violations

According to the CDA, it has come to the notice of the Authority that a large number of all types of buildings within the ICT limits of Islamabad i.e., Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Residential, etc. have been put to non-conforming use for operating schools in buildings which is a violation of CDA Ordinance 1960 and Islamabad Capital Territory Building Control Regulations-2020.

According to the public notice, the Capital Development Authority wants to ensure the safety and security of children, students and staff. It also wants to ensure soundness and stability of all school buildings with regard to structure and other safety measures.

According to CDA, it is compulsory for all schools in such buildings to take the structure stability certificate of the building duly signed by the CDA licensed Structural Engineer. The certificate should clearly mention that the building/structure is safe to cater to the loads of the number of students and staff of the school. The certification should also be supplemented by necessary tests. All schools in such buildings have been instructed to ensure fire safety measures and take Certificates regarding the provision of Fire Safety Equipment in accordance with the Building Code of Pakistan.

According to the CDA, the schools using such buildings should provide these certificates to Building Control Section (BCS) within two weeks otherwise the action will be initiated in accordance with the relevant clauses of the CDA Ordinance and Islamabad Capital Territory Building Control Regulations 2023. CDA has also asked these school buildings to remove the other building violations within two weeks.