Pakistan Learning festival concludes in Comsats University Abbottabad

The jubilee was held at the COMSATS University Abbottabad lot with the active collaboration of Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi.

The Bank of Punjab, Oxford University Press and mates of the jubilee included Nikhra Abbottabad, Directorate of Youth Affairs, Water and Sanitation Service Abbottabad, Galiyat Development Authority, KITE, Forestry and the Arachaelology and Galleries Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had patronized the event.
Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad Tariq Salam had opened the jubilee.

Hassan Ahsan, Assistant Commissioner and Professor Imtiaz Ali Khan and others were also present.
Fauzia Minallah, Advisor PLF, Sarwat Mohiuddin, Nasreen Iqbal, Atif Badar, Zubair Torwali, Dr Anjum Altaf and other guests were also in attendance.

The jubilee held further than 50 literacy sessions.
Assistant Commissioner Abbottabad Hassan Ahsan told the intelligencers that the main thing of the Pakistan Learning Festival was to help children, preceptors and communities realise the significance of incorporating innovative literacy ways.

He said the preceptors should take the newfound experience of literacy and replicate it in their classrooms.
Some of the crucial highlight of the jubilee included the Kitab Gari, a modified gharry library or jubilee on bus by ITA from Lahore and the quarter government’s action Books on Wheels that was displayed for all and held engaging sessions with children to help them develop a love for reading, literature and trades and crafts, he added.