Digital World Pakistan Provide 25 Million to GIK for scholarship to needy students

SWABI : The Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Lores and Technology and Digital World Pakistan (DWP) Foundation on Tuesday inked a education agreement to give fiscal support to indigent and able scholars at undergraduate position.
The agreement was signed by Prof Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Rector GIK Institute, and Muhammad Farooq Naseem, vice chairman of DWP Foundation, Chairman and CEO DWP Group at a form, said a press release. It said the patron would give over Rs25 million to GIK over four times.

The ideal of the entitlement is to give education to the depressed and able scholars in order to bring them on a par with the more fortunate and privileged classes and to produce a critical mass of talented youth for the development of society.

DWP Foundation has agreed to pay a education entitlement for 15 scholars of the Engineering and Computer Lores Programme for four time.

The foundation will give a 50 percent entitlement and the remaining 50 percent will be arranged by GIK for each pupil. The criteria for selection for scholars have been perfected by the two parties.

The Foundation has the right to increase the quantum of entitlement to accommodate the adding number of able scholars.

Still, any downcast modification of fiscal backing made to the scholars shall not be done once the finances have been expended or committed but the Foundation has the right to discontinue the fiscal backing if any pupil fails to meet the agreed CGPA criteria.

According to the criteria for the education entitlement, the scholars must be from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as per their fireside; periodic

family income of the pupil mustn’t be above Rs840, and the scholars must maintain CGPA of3.00 and over on a scale of4.00 throughout their degree programme to remain eligible for the education entitlement. The disbursement of the finances will be managed in a judicious manner by GIK Institute.