Education Body decides goes ahead with Classes Boycott

Islamabad: The General Body of Federal Government Education Joint Action Committee (FGEJAC) on Monday unanimously decided with Class Boycott for all classes at all government’s educational institutions till withdrawal of clause 166 of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Local Government Ordinance, 2021.

The FGEJAC Chairman,  Mr. Fazal-e-Moula chaired a crucial General Body meeting here which was attended by thousands of male and female principals, vice principals, Heads of middle and primary schools, senior and junior teachers and non-teaching staff.

“This is a unanimous decision of the General Body that boycott of classes will continue till the controversial clause of the ordinance which placed the FDE employees under the Islamabad Mayor is withdrawn,” the FGEJAC spokesman said in a statement after the meeting.

The meeting maintained that earlier, the boycott of classes ended last month on Government’s assurance but to no avail. “Now the stopping of the academic activity of federal government educational institutions lies with the Government,” the statement said.

It was also decided that the Action Committee would meet the Prime Minister or any person authorized by the Prime Minister. The FGEJAC earlier called off the boycott of classes on December 8 but their demand is yet to be met. The FGEJAC now decided to observe a boycott of classes from January 10 This decision was okayed by the General Body on Monday. The deadlock prevailed even after two rounds of talks between the local PTI MNAs and FGEJAC  held last Friday.

The FGEJAC also asked parents to keep the children at home as there would be no classes from Monday onwards. Meanwhile, the Director Academics of the Federal Directorate of Educational (FDE) wrote a letter to Area Education Officers (AEOs) and Principals to ensure conduct of classes. Interestingly, the AEOs and Principals themselves were on strike and attended the FGEJAC General Body meeting.