Federal govt colleges to start online classes from 7th

The colleges under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) will start online classes up to undergraduate level from July 7 – a decision resented by a number of teachers who believe that the academics should first be provided training to teach through modern technological means.

A number of teachers find it difficult to conduct online classes without training, saying it would be more appropriate if the FDE had got their lectures recorded rather than asking them to deliver online sessions as it will be difficult for them to teach without training and sans a whiteboard.

A teacher, talking on condition of anonymity, said not all teachers have access to laptops and uninterrupted internet and power supply at their homes.

“We are accustomed to teaching children on whiteboards in the classrooms and it would not be possible for us to make use of whiteboards while conducting online sessions from home,” he said.

Some teachers said they have no experience of online teaching.

“If online classes were to be started, the FDE administration should have arranged for teachers training during these holidays,” another teacher said, complaining that most of them do not have uninterrupted and high-speed internet facility which is a prerequisite for online classes.

Some teachers expressed fear that the teaching process will be affected if the internet service or electricity is repeatedly suspended during the classes.

They suggested that the college administrations should rather call them at their respective educational institutions in limited numbers and have their lectures recorded. This way, teachers could also make use of whiteboards.

They said if these recorded lectures were made available to the students online, it would be easier for them. After watching the lectures, the students could directly approach their teachers though WhatsApp with their queries and questions, they said.