FMC students bag top five positions in MBBS exams

Islamabad : Federal Medical College (FMC) Islamabad has bagged top five positions in MBBS final year exam, for the first time, held by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University among all affiliate colleges.

Despite notable scarcity of resources and infrastructure, Federal Medical College has carved a niche in distinctive academics over the past one year period while maintained over 99 per cent pass percentage.

DeanPrincipal Federal Medical College Professor Rizwan Taj expressed to ‘The News’ that the past one year was significantly devoted to uplift undergraduate medical education in the institution. The Dean, in keeping with his vision of excellence in medical education laid emphasis on producing seven stars doctor with exit competencies of care provider, decision maker, communicator, community leader, manager and life-long learners, possessing in a mix aptitudes to carry out the range of services that health settings must deliver to meet the requirements of relevance, quality and equity in health.

He said that upgraded outcome based curriculum was adapted with inculcation of professionalism and ethics as an essential practice as a result of paradigm shift in an era of increasing public accountability and awareness. The curriculum is made to work towards permeating entrustable professional activities which will infuse altruism, compassion, morality and professional standards.

He said program evaluation as an essential component of quality enhancement was adapted with internal evaluation made mandatory as the yardstick of self-accountability and improved program outcome.

Federal Medical College being the only public sector medical college of the federal capital with cross cultural representative population of students from all over the country is an emblem of federal unity. The improved teaching standards at the institution are the archetypal delineation of national undergraduate medical education benchmark, said Professor Taj.

Transparent, merit based inductions were made on key faculty positions last year at Federal Medical College for the first time since its inception resulting in significantly improved outcome in competitive university exam, he said.

He added the students’ performance in competitive university exams is considered as the best parameter of teaching program evaluation at any institution. Federal Medical College held the distinct honour of securing the top five positions and maintaining an exuberant 99.07 per cent pass percentage.