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Foreign graduates voice reservations about NLE

Islamabad : A group of foreign medical graduates met the National Medical Authority’s executive member and member (examination) here and informed them about their reservations about the National Licensing Exam (NLE)

The visitors included both those who have already appeared in the second part of the National License Exam to test skills (NLE 2) or are set to sit the NLE 2 exam.

They proposed that either NLE 2 be withdrawn as a pre-condition to the grant of a license to the foreign graduates or the passing marks be lowered to 50%.

The National Licensing Exam has been structured by the National Academic Board, which is tasked with framing the structure including the content and methodology of the exam.

Currently, the passing marks of the NLE 1 and 2 exams are 70% as determined by the National Academic Board.

According to a relevant official, the authority has forwarded the proposal of the FMGs to the National Academic Board for consideration being the relevant authority in respect of structuring exams. The Board consists of senior medical practitioners, faculty and vice-chancellors from both public and private medical institutions representing every province and the federation.