GCU grants special Eid-honorarium to teaching, non-teaching staff

The GC University Lahore announced a special Eid honorarium for its teaching and non-teaching staff as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. The announcement was made by the Vice Chancellor of GC University Lahore, Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi in a message to his colleagues.

The special Eid honorarium will be equivalent to a one-half basic pay scale of 2017 for the non-teaching staff and a fixed amount for all the teaching staff. The move has been warmly welcomed by the staff of the University.

According to Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, “We are pleased to offer this token of appreciation to our non-teaching and teaching staff on the occasion of Eid. They are an important part of our university and we value their hard work and dedication. This is a way for us to thank them for their contributions.”

Initially, the special Eid honorarium was granted only to the non-teaching staff. However, at the request of the Academic Staff Association of GCU, the faculty was also included in this provision.

GCU Academic Staff Association President Prof Dr Babar Aziz GCU and Registrar Dr Shaukat Ali said expressed gratitude to the Vice Chancellor, saying that the special Eid honorarium is expected to provide some financial relief to the teaching and non-teaching staff of GC University Lahore and allow them to celebrate the festival of Eid with their families.