Headstart School organised robotics competition

Islamabad : The Headstart School organised the annual robotics competition on its Kuri campus here.
Forty teams from different schools and universities with around 200 members took part in the contest, one of the biggest in the country, and won accolades for their innovative robotic designs and manufacturing.

The event was divided into four modules, including Line of Sight and First Person View drones, radio-controlled planes, logic-based robots and Lego robots.

The Headstart School got first and second positions in all the modules. The winners included Hamza Sabih, Habib Marwat, Muhammad Talha Adeel, Bilal Ahmed Awan, Eisaa Omer, Haider Jillani, Moosa Malik, Faiq Ahmed, Haadi Ilyas, Hamza Mubashir, Yoseph Jung, Yeegang Song and Rayyan Jawwad.

Saadia Habib, centre manager (robotics) at the Headstart School, Kuri Campus, said Headstart was the first educational institution in the country’s history to host a robotics contest with FPV and Line of Sight drone modules and an air show.

She said the school, one of the pioneers in project-based learning, had successfully managed a robotics programme since 2003 and participated in the NERC, IEEE GIKI Olympiad, NASCON at FAST NUCES, FLL at SEECS NUST, RoboSprint at CASE and PSIFI at LUMS and won awards.

“This nationwide competition was meant to promote robotics among students by providing them with an opportunity to share the ideas of robot design and manufacturing and exhibit their talents,” she said.

Saadia Habib said the school promoted STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education through project-based learning to nurture future inventors, scientists and thinkers.

The chief guest of the event was Dr Ameer Hamza, head of the Mechatronics Engineering Department at the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, a constituent college of the National University of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi.

He gave away shields and certificates to the winners and appreciated the Headstart School for successfully holding the competition saying the school has set the bar very high for such events.