HEC abolishes endorsement requirement for TTS

Islamabad: As a step forward in enhancing the autonomy of universities, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has authorised the Universities, to decide through their statutory bodies, all Tenure Track System (TTS) cases, including initial appointment, tenure and promotion.

According to details, HEC has issued a notification announcing its decision to abolish the endorsement requirement and replace it with a self-governed decision-making process in order to expedite the disposal of TTS cases and empower the universities statutory institutions and processes.

HEC will now require all universities to submit a formal declaration, signed by the Registrar to affirm that the decision has been made strictly in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations.

On the basis of this declaration, HEC will accept the universities decisions without subjecting them to further bureaucratic delays.

In order to strengthen the universities Statutory Bodies, HEC has made it clear that its representatives on these statutory bodies will be held responsible for presenting the regulatory requirements and advising on all related matters in order to ensure the protection of the rights of all faculty members.

In case of any grievances against the university’s TTS-related decision, the statutory body will provide the aggrieved person an opportunity to be heard. Finally,  the person is to have the right to appeal to a grievance committee to be established by HEC for this purpose.