Faislabad university

In order to make agriculture a profitable business, we have to find a solution based on scientific reasoning.

Vice-Chancellor of Agriculture University Faisalabad Professor Dr. Iqar Ahmed Khan has said that in order to make agriculture a profitable business, solutions must be found based on scientific reasoning to develop farming on modern trends as well as meet the nutritional needs of the growing population. Can be done in a good way.

Addressing Associate Professor Z at Iqbal Auditorium, Dr. Iqar Ahmed Khan said that due to traditional farming methods in Pakistan, the yield per acre is less than that of developed countries. In order to promote innovation in agriculture, a strategy has to be developed to bring viable technologies within the reach of the common farmer. He said that the University of Agriculture is making every effort to ensure quality, higher education as well as new varieties of commodities and research processes so that the dream of food security can be realized.

He expressed regret that despite being an agricultural country, ten billion dollars worth of agricultural commodities are being imported. He said that new varieties of wheat, cotton, soybeans, chickpeas and other crops with high yield are being prepared in the University of Agriculture, which will increase the country’s production due to having better immunity. He directed the agricultural scientists to make vigorous progress on research keeping in mind factors like changing climates, water scarcity, emerging diseases.
On this occasion, Dr. Qamar Bilal, Dr. Asghar Bajwa, Dr. Irshad, Dr. Masood Sadiq Butt, Dr. Farzana Rizvi, Dr. Khalid Mushtaq, Dr. Jafar Jaskani, Dr. Faisal Mehmood, Dr. Shahid Majeed, Dr. Imranul Haq, Dr. Irfan Ahmad, Dr. Muhammad Isa. Dr. Muhammad Asghar Ali and others also addressed

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