Intermediate Part-II Results

Punjab Announces Intermediate Part-II Results

All Punjab educational boards, including the Rawalpindi board, have officially unveiled the gazette for the Intermediate Part-II results . A total of 61,391 candidates appeared for the examinations in the Rawalpindi district this year.

Among the candidates, a total of 62,395 students had initially enrolled, but admissions of 110 candidates were canceled, and 894 were marked as absent during the examination process. However, the highlight of this year’s results is the remarkable performance of students who managed to pass the examination.

Out of the 33,111 students who successfully passed the Rawalpindi Board exam, 24,056 were male students, while 37,355 were female students. The gender-wise breakdown of successful candidates revealed that 10,584 boys and 22,527 girls secured passing grades.

Notably, girls outperformed boys with a pass rate of 60.34 percent, whereas boys achieved a pass rate of 44 percent. The overall pass percentage for candidates in the Rawalpindi Board stood at 53.93 percent.