KIET receives Rs79.88m research fundings for covering 11 projects

KARACHI: With an enhanced focus on creating an environment of innovation and research at Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology (KIET), the blooming R&D ecosystem, has greatly helped KIET researchers in winning several research grants from a diverse pool of highly competitive funding agencies.

In the year 2021-22 KIET received the highest ever research funding amounting to Rs. 79.88 million covering 11 projects, which include:Rs 6.90 million from Pakistan Science Foundation, to Implement Integrated Bio-GMI Sensor and its Electronics, Rs14.50 million from NCAI, for developing Point-of-Care Electronic Test Kit for Rapid Detection of Pathogens using Graphene-Transistors as Biosensors and Rs. 10.30 million for the Project, A Deep Learning based Automated Defect Detection System for Manufacturing Industry, Rs 14.20 million from NCGSA, for indigenous development of High Precision location identification for multiple applications using deep neural networks by augmenting GPS with terrain knowledge, Rs 11.25 million from NRPU, for developing AI enabled Learning Management System for Educational Institutes for Online Education, Rs 14.98 million from NCRA, for developing Manufacturing of Full Flight Motion Platform, Rs 4.33 million from NRPU, for the project; Artificial intelligence-based installation, and predictive maintenance of wind turbines in an urban environment in Pakistan.

These research projects will be completed in the allocated time frame of 18 to 36 months under the supervision of principal investigators from KIET.