Karachi University

KU students suffer as teachers continue boycott of classes

The Karachi University Teachers Society (KUTS) and the Sindh Universities and Boards Department’s Secretary have been at loggerheads over the selection board for the appointment of professors in three departments of the varsity.
To protest against the secretary’s decision for declaring the Selection Board null and void, the teachers’ body boycotted classes at the varsity for the fifth consecutive day on Friday. The secretary, meanwhile, insists that the varsity should furnish rules of appointment and get permission from the government for the constitution of the Selection Board.

On January 31, the KUTS observed Black Day at the varsity and boycotted the classes. On February 3, the teachers’ body convened its General Meeting in the Arts Auditorium announcing the boycott would continue indefinitely as the secretary’s attitude was not acceptable.

On February 1, the Universities and Boards Department issued a circular stating that the secretary was concerned over violation of rules for appointments at varsities. “The method of appointment has not been followed by the universities, the potential candidates from the market are ignored, no healthy competition has been ensured,” the circular read.

The circular also directed the Heads of the Universities to frame draft service rules in two weeks so that the same may be placed before a competent forum for final approval.

Academic loss

Students who are being affected by the ongoing controversy. When the government enforced lockdown following the Covid-19 outbreak, all the universities announced that they would shift to online classes but none of the public sector varsities delivered as per the official guidelines, resulting in academic loss of students.

After the classes at KU resumed, this academic boycott has again been inconvenient for students who are coming to attend classes without teaching