List of targets NAB assigned to Broadsheet

ISLAMABAD: When Gen Pervez Musharraf initiated an anti-corruption drive in 2000, the National Accountability Bureau had registered scores of people as targets and assigned them to Broadsheet LLC, a firm then hired for tracing assets allegedly made with corrupt money.

The Sharif family was on the top of the list of the registered targets whereas the tracking of Bhutto family assets was assigned to another firm — M/S International Assets Recovery. Other notable politicians were also listed. Probably the only prominent political family missing was the Chaudhrys of Gujrat, who were allied in an effort to create an alternative party to give political legitimacy to the dictatorial rule of Musharraf, then popularly known as Kings Party (PML-Q).

Some of the targeted individuals would later secure relief from the NAB after defecting from the PPP — the late Rao Sikandar, Faisal Saleh Hayat and Aftab Sherpao. They created a new faction — Pakistan People’s Party Patriots. (The Broadsheet told the arbitration judge that it had traced a secret offshore account of Sherpao in Jersey Island where he had $3.5million but the NAB negotiated a political settlement with by showing him that dossier.) Sons of the late ISI DG Lt-Gen Akhtar Abdur Rehman Akhtar — Humayun Akhtar and Haroon Akhtar — went off the NAB radar after joining the PML-Q.

Former chiefs of army (Gen Mirza Aslam Beg), air force (Anwar Shamim and Abbas Khattak), and navy (Mansoor-ul-Haq and Saeed Muhammad Khan) in addition to Lt-Gen (retd) Zahid Ali Akbar and Lt-Gen (retd) Fazl-e-Haq were also listed. How much their fortune abroad was traced and what was recovered remained unknown except in the case of Admiral (retd) Mansoor who had entered into a plea bargain. About Masnoor’s associate in the kickbacks, Fazil Jamil, Broadsheet had discovered an offshore account of $5million in Jersey Island but the NAB didn’t move against him, according to Broadsheet.

The Broadsheet was handed a list of around 200 targets, according to the original file which is available with The News. The first list was dispatched on July 17, 2000, containing 17 names, the second list with 16 names was delivered on Aug 12, 2000, the third was dated Sept 4, 2000, comprising 51 names, the fourth was submitted on Nov 8, 2008 and this was the longest with 75 names and the fifth (last) was given together with the fourth one. It had 40 names.

According to the available record, only the Sharif family’s suspected assets abroad had been shared with the Broadsheet: Lake Shore Corporation, Savary Oil, Khedevial Mail Line Co., Sharmock Consulting Corp., L. C. M., Maria Mariani, Nielsen Enterprise, Texrep, Algora, Orange Julius Co., East Investment West Trading Co., Star Trading & Marine Co., Camus Reality Inc., Shadron Jersey, Ansbacher (Schweiz) AG Zurich, and Ansbacher Trustees, AG Zurich.

Tracing claimed by the Broadsheet before the arbitration judge doesn’t indicate it could discover anything from above. The family’s link with Nielsen enterprise could only be established owing to the Panama Papers.

After going through the NAB-Broadsheet documents, The News found that the source of suspicion had only been mentioned in one list which was carrying the highest number of targets (75).

In most of the cases, the referred source is “NAB Files” or “International Press”. In certain cases, for example Admiral (retd) Saeed Mohammed Khan, the source is from the Pakistan Navy residing in the US. The NAB files have been referred to as a source of suspected corrupt money of Brig (retd) Imtiaz.

In written notes, Ohio (USA), Canada and FEBC have been mentioned in front of his name.

Below is the list of retired armed forces officers, bureaucrats and businessmen.

Officers from armed forces; Gen (retd) Mirza Aslam Beg, Lt-Gen (retd) Zahid Ali Akbar, Lt-Gen (retd) Fazl-e-sHaq, Maj-Gen (retd) Shujaat Ali Bukhari, Admiral (retd) Mansoorul Haq, Admiral (retd) Saeed Muhammad, Air Chief Marshal (retd) Anwar Shamim, Air Chief Marshal (retd) Abbas Khattak and Brig (retd) Imtiaz.

Bureaucrats; Salman Farooqui, Usman Farooqui, Wajid Shamsul Hassan, M. B. Abbasi, Shaukat Ali Kazmi, Ahmed Sadiq, Javed Khanzada, A. R. Siddiqui, Brig (retd) Aslam Hayat Qureshi, Capt (retd) S. Nasir, Masood Sharif, Shafi Sehwani, Shahid Rafi and Capt (retd) Naseer Ahmed.

Business persons; Sadruddin Hashwani, Behram D. Avari, Saeed Sheikh, Sultan Lakhani, Amin Lakhani, Zulfiqar Lakhani, Iqbal Lakhani, Muslim Lakhani, Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob, Younis Dalia, Hussain Lawai, Ali Jaffery, Riaz Laljee, Haroon Haji Kapadia, Asif Saigol, Abid Saigol, Arif Saigol, Shafiq Saigol, Shahid Saigol, Shahzad Saigol, Sarwar Ali, Rafique Saigol, Ch. M Anwar Hussain Sandhu, Nasrin Anwar, Khalid Hussain Chowdhery, Fauzia Bibi, Naseem Munawar, Syed Sameena Abrar, Zia-ur-Rehman, Naseem-ur-Rehman, Javed Sultan, Asadullah Sheikh, Asif Memon, Iqbal Memon, Jawaid Sultan, Asif Iqbal, Fauzia Ali Kazmi, Sheikh Abdul Shimveel Qureshi, Mahfooz Mustafa, Majid Bashir, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Razi, Muhammad Saleh, Baddar-uz-Zaman, Mian Farooq Ahmed Sheikh, Mian Sohail Ahhmed Sheikh, Abdul Shakoor Ismail Kaloodi, Abdullah Kaloodi, Sadruddin Gangji, Hashim Gangji, Ch. Zahid Ahmed, Ch. Shahid Hameed, Bushra Zahid Hameed, Mian Shahzad Aslam, Mian Shamim Anwar, Mian Farrukh Naseem, Mian Mahmud Ahmed, Javed Ashraf, Saeed Javaid Tariq, Waqar Azim, Nusrat Azim, Shaukat Azim, Sajad Azim, Abdul Sattar Kerio, Dr. Ghani Ansari, Fareed Variani, Farida Ataullah, Habibullah Khan Kundi, Mian Muhammad Ali Tariq, Muhammad Sualeh, Naheed Khan, Nasir Waseem Khan, Nayar Bari, S. M. Ishaque, Saeed Javid Tariq, Sajjad Hussain, Shuja-ul-Hassan, Siraj Shamsuddin, Tahir Khan Niazi, Tufail Sheikh, Masood Shah, Syed Tahir Hussain, Anjum Tahir Hussain, Farah Nasir Hussain, Capt. S. H. Ather, Farnaz Amir Hussain, Sheikh Zameer Ahmed, Ayesha Aftab, M. M. Aslam Khan, Maryam Aftab, Dr. Jarir S. Djani, Ibrahim Fayyaz Humaid, Haider Ali Khan, Hassan Mehmood Siyal, Maj (retd) Jehangir Khan, Kh. Abdul Rehman Jami, Bilquees Akhtar, Noor Jehan, Kh. M. Yousaf, Kh. M. Abdullah, Aisha Farzana, Mehr Fatima, Kaneez Fatima, Abdul Shakoor, Hakiman Sheikh, Akhtar Ali, Qamar Jahan, Muhammad Bahauddin Pervaiz, Mohammad Saeed Khan and Shaleem Andrews.

Politicians and families; Mian Muhammad Sharif, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, Mian Muhammad Abbas Sharif, Mian Hassan Nawaz, Mian Hussain Nawaz, Mian Hamza Shehbaz, Begum Kalsoom Nawaz, Begum Shamim Akhtar, Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari, Aftab Ahmed Sherpao, Jehangir Badar, Khaqan Abbasi, Syed Ghous Ali Shah, Syed Abdullah Shah, Faisal Saleh Hayat, Shahida Faisal Saleh Hayat, Syed Asad Hayat, Anwar Saifullah, Azam Hoti, Ch. Sher Ali, Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Gohar Ayub, Gulzar Ahmed, Waqar Ahmed, Haroon Akhtar, Humayun Akhtar, Jam Mashooq Ali, Javed Hashmi, Manzoor Wattoo, Munawar Hussain Munj, Zulfiqar Magsi, Amir Magsi, Nadir Magsi, Nawab Yousaf Talpur, Rana Shaukat Mahmood, Ch. Ahmed Mukhtar, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, Khalid Kharal, Rao Sikandar, Rehman Malik, Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan, Fauzia Yousaf Raza Gillani, Aftab A. Sheikh, Nasreen Aftab, Islamuddin Sheikh, Noor Muhammad Sheikh, Nooruddin Sheikh and Naureen Sheikh.