Dr. Sher Zaman

MD BEF Professor Sher Zaman, visited International Islamic University.

Our Correspondent: Sher Zaman discussed promotion of education and special initiatives for the students of Baluchistan with the leadership of the university. He was part of the delegation led by Baluchistan Governor Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha that met with the university President Dr.
Hathal and visited Islamic Research Institute. Professor Sher Zaman apprised of the visit of the Baluchistan Education Foundation where he briefed that BEF has been supporting educational institutions across Baluchistan to improve the literacy rate and promote education.
He told that the government has also allocated substantial funds for the BEF in the budget for the promotion of the education sector.In the meeting with the delegation, IIUI President agreed with the Governor to enhance mutual cooperation for the promotion of quality education.