Mohsin e Pakistan Dr. Abdul Qadeer Laid to Rest

Last night Pakistan bid farewell to the son of the soil Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, a national loss, the magnitude of which will be felt for many decades to follow. Dr. AQ khan’s services for the AECP will always to remembered in the history of Pakistan.

Riphah International University shared an especially close bond with Dr. AQ Khan as he had been an active participant of the Riphah consultation bodies. He had a close connection with Dr. Anis Ahmad, Vice-Chancellor, Riphah International University, who invited him to the University convocation twice. Dr. AQ Khan was deeply involved and contributed heavily to the development of science in curriculum and research. 

Chancellor Hassan Khan, Vice-chancellor DrAnis, management and Faculty of Riphah International University extend heartfelt condolence to the grieving family as well as to the nation for becoming deprived of a national hero