NBF Book Museum attracts book lovers

Islamabad : The National Book Foundation’s (NBF) Book Museum is attracting large numbers of people from across the country, promoting a culture of reading that has been praised by thousands of book lovers.

Talking to the media, a senior official of NBF Daud Mirza said, “The efforts to promote book reading culture to get the knowledge of the history of the country among youth providing the platform and ease to avail the opportunity.

” He said as NBF has taken various initiatives to launch a series of innovative projects to promote book reading culture.

These initiatives included the formation of Village Book Clubs, City Book Clubs, Children’s Book Clubs, Prisoners Free Minds Book Clubs, Senior Citizens Book Clubs, Travellers Book Clubs (Books on Wheels), Flying Book Clubs, and Hospital Book Clubs.

NBF has come up with another novel idea to appoint book-loving celebrities of the country as Book Ambassadors to play their role in promoting book-reading habits, he said.