Number of Scholarships

Habib University Increases Number of Scholarships Amid Socio-Economic Challenges in the Country

In Pakistan, the impact of inequality is an undeniable reality that casts a long shadow over the nation’s social and economic fabric. The disparities in access to quality education perpetuate a cycle of inequality that hinders individual opportunities and national progress. This inequality not only limits the potential of countless individuals but also poses a significant challenge to the country’s journey towards prosperity and social harmony.

This situation is concerning, especially when we realize that a substantial 60% of Pakistan’s entire population consists of young people but only 12% have access to higher education.  Today, after 76 years of independence, the state of higher education remains dismal in Pakistan. With over 190 recognized private and public sector universities, unfortunately, no Pakistani university is among the top 500 universities in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

In the midst of a complex situation, Habib University stands as a beacon of hope and progress. Habib University was established to respond to the rising cost of higher education, deeming it inaccessible to the talented masses.

Despite the country facing challenges in politics and the economy, the University demonstrates the transformative power of education by increasing the number of scholarships to an unprecedented level. Many people can’t afford higher education due to financial constraints, but Habib University is courageously working to remove these barriers by offering the most generous fully funded scholarship and financial aid program to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The makeup of Habib University’s student body reflects its commitment to inclusivity and quality education. The batch of 2027 has set a record for having the highest number of scholarships awarded, with one-third of its members receiving fully-funded scholarships.  In addition, over half of the students also receive varying degrees of financial support, ranging from 30% to 80%.

Moreover, Habib University’s focus on academic excellence is shown through the Yohsin scholarships, which are the University’s top awards for talented students. These scholarships not only reward exceptional students but also ease the financial challenges that can stop them from continuing their education. Habib University understands that supporting these talented students is like investing in Pakistan’s future, reflecting the institution’s strong dedication to creating positive change through education.

What sets Habib University apart is not only its commitment to higher education but also its unique identity as a community-owned institution. This ethos springs from a vision to foster a collaborative learning environment that thrives on diversity, inclusivity, and shared responsibility. By involving the community, Habib University seeks to build a strong support network for its students, encouraging them to be engaged citizens and thought leaders.

As the University increases the number of fully funded scholarships, it sends a powerful message of hope to aspiring students across Pakistan. By breaking down financial barriers, Habib University is unlocking the potential of a generation that may otherwise have remained overlooked, unrecognized, and unable to fulfill its promise.

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