Over 25% Public Schools in Sindh are Non-Functional

A recent report has revealed that there are more than 12,000 inactive schools across the Sindh province.The Sindh Education Department’s report that was leaked in the media has revealed that out of 49,000 schools in the public sector, a total of 12,444 schools are non-functional.

The report, revealing the plight of education in Sindh, stated that the province has only 133,000 teachers for 4,561,140 children studying in government schools.

Out of 49,000 government schools, 26,260 do not have basic facilities like safe drinking water, while 19,469 schools do not even have toilets. Similarly, more than 31,000 schools do not have electricity, and over 21,009 schools are without boundary walls.

A vast majority of Sindh schools, 47,000 out of 49,000, do not have any labs, while over 36,000 schools lack playground facilities.The report data also revealed that more than 47,000 schools in the province have no concept of a library.

It is pertinent to mention here that despite the tall claims of the provincial government, nearly 40 percent of children in Sindh, currently estimated at 6.4 million, are still out of school.