syed muneeb ali

Pakistani student ‘Syed Muneeb Ali’ develops an animation on “Enceladus – Alien Ocean”

Syed Muneeb Ali, a student of Physics at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), Lahore, has collaborated with a renowned planetary scientist, Dr. Nozair Khawaja, of Freie University Berlin, Germany to develop a 3D animation, which explains the chemical processes occurring deep inside the ocean of Saturn’s icy moon – Enceladus. Scientists suspect that these processes are favorable for life (if there is any!).

Ali’s 3d animation is inspired by the breakthrough research of 2018 & 2019 in the field of planetary science by Dr. Nozair Khawaja who discovered organics which are the ingredients of life similar to those present in Earth’s oceans.

This short animation demonstrates how these organics are formed inside the core of this brightest moon of the solar system and ejected out in space in the form of ice grains. These ice grains were then captured by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which conducted multiple fly-bys across the plumes to capture these grains and discovered chemical ingredients important for life in these grains.

Along with being a student of Physics, Syed Muneeb Ali is an active science communicator and currently serving as the General Secretary of Astrobiology Network of Pakistan (ABNP). Moreover, he’s a science journalist and writes blogs on Astronomy and Science on various mainstream media. He is the author of the National Award-Winning book “Kainaat – Aik Raaz”.

Watch the film here: