Paramount Role of universities in fighting intolerance

Islamabad : NUML (National University of Modern Languages).   Dialogue Forum, an academic initiative of NUML, Islamabad arranged a talk on ‘Religion, Tolerance, and Peace building’ with a view to the comprehended role of religion in ensuring peace, promoting tolerance and unity in the society.

This forum is aimed to generate dialogue on issues central to Pakistani society. This interactive dialogue, chaired by NUML Rector Major General (r) Muhammad Jafar, lasted more than an hour and raised some key issues. It generated debate around the interface between religion and politics and its impact on Pakistani society. The speakers included Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences Dr. Mustafeez Alvi, Dean Faculty of Languages Dr. Jamel Jaami, and Dr. Noor Hayat, Head of Islamic study department NUML answered the range of questions on areas like countering violence, the rationale behind extreme behaviors, the politicization of religion and role of young people in promoting peaceful Pakistan.