Punjab Uni.

PU awards Ph.D. degrees to five scholars

Punjab University has awarded five Ph.D. degrees to scholars. Anam Muzamill, daughter of Muzamill Javed in  Communication Studies for her thesis  ‘Media and Crime Narratives: Influence of Televised Crime Content on Viewers Risk Perception’. Muhammad Habib Ul Haq, son of Muhammad Siddique, in Environmental Sciences on ‘Recycling Potential Assessment of Asphalt Roads in Lahore’. Rabia Nawaz, daughter of Muhammad Nawaz in Molecular Biology on ‘Analysis of Hepatitis C Virus Epistasis and Viral Evolution Through Whole Genome Mass Sequencing from Pakistani Isolates’, Sajjad Asif, son of Zawar Ahmad, in  Urdu on ‘The Tradition of Popular Urdu Novel’. Sidra Khan, daughter of Asmat Khan, in  Solid State Physics in ‘Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) of Doped and Un-Doped BaTiO3 ¬Thin Films’.