QAU gets huge funding for new research lab

Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) has attracted funds exceeding $16 million from alumni and relevant stakeholders for the development of a high-end computational laboratory for the first time in its history. As per official sources, the laboratory will include six systems integrated with expensive software worth $16.3 million. When operational, it will help “pioneer a new culture of research at the department and the university,” and will generate competitive output.

The Chairman of the Department of Earth Sciences, Dr. Aamir Ali, confirmed the news and lauded the level of backing that QAU has received from its donor alumni. He commended Vice-Chancellor (VC), Dr. Muhammad Ali, and other stakeholders for being “supportive, appreciative, and resourceful in taking and backing initiatives”.

On a separate note, the VC discussed the MoU that was recently signed between QAU and Bir Ventures, USA Limited (IdeaGist) for the establishment of the Emerging Technology Science Park at the university. As per reports, he claimed that this project will accelerate the development of knowledge-based products and will provide services to academic and research candidates through trademark resources developed at QAU.

Alongside disciplinary and technological innovations, QAU’s authorities are working on reforms to enable the character-building of both its students and faculty. The federal government has also extended its assistance to QAU to expedite growth on all academic fronts.