Riphah International University Organized a conference on “peaceful coexistence”

On the invitation of Riphah International University, Foreign Minister, Malaysia, Dato. Saifuddin Abdullah participated in the panel discussion as keynote speaker on “peaceful coexistence” held at Faculty of Public Policy, Riphah International University, Islamabad.  Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad, V.C, Riphah welcomed the Minister and extended an extreme pleasure and warmth welcome that a great personality as our chief guest in an event to discuss various dynamics of Peaceful Coexistence. He also praised the Minister that despite of his busy schedule at 17th extraordinary meeting of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, Islamabad he made it convenient to attend the event.

Dato Saifuddin, Foreign Minister said that; Malaysia has always been a firm believer in all efforts and initiatives that promote peaceful coexistence between nations, between different peoples, and between different faiths and cultures and the country is; multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious and we strongly believes what have been practicing can also be applied to the entire world on the principle of tolerance. He stressed that; Respect and mutual understanding must be the backbone and essence in our interactions and discourse and diversity can be a powerful source of strength and resilience. There is a need to learn to celebrate and treat them with genuine curiosity and meaningful respect. Amid the global uncertainties, it is time to work and strengthen efforts toward living together in peace and harmony. He affirms that being OIC and UN member states we must speak with one voice on the need for an immediate cessation of hostilities in all corners of the world and to focus the attention on combating humankind’s miseries. The (COVID-19) pandemic has shown that we need to improve our resolve to strengthen international cooperation and multilateralism, and consider ourselves as a family of nations. 

The Minister reaffirmed that Pakistan and Malaysia have the strong and enduring bonds between the two fraternal countries marked by warmth, cordiality and mutual trust and have reached to the new level of bilateral cooperation in various fields and entails further engagement and enhanced cooperation. This is also commendable that Pakistan hosted OIC Foreign Ministers meeting to discuss the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as there is an urgent need to accelerate the relief of the Afghan people, end their suffering, and provide humanitarian assistance by finding appropriate mechanisms, coordinating with the OIC institutions working in the humanitarian fields and the United Nations and its relevant agencies and international financial institutions. The Minister praised Dr. Anis for his national and international academic contribution at various fronts.

The other distinguished participants included; Professors of leading Universities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Member of Parliaments, The Chairperson National Commission on the Rights of Child, Diplomats, Researchers, leading Anchors, Political Analyst and the students. They highlighted the key issues the Islamic world is facing like; Kashmir, Palestine, Rogniya as well as balance of trade between Pakistan and Malaysia as well as close educational linkages between the two countries.