Rs600m bailout package demanded for QAU

Islamabad (News Desk): Quaid-I-Azam University Alumni Association (QAUAU) has demanded special bailout package to overcome Rs.600 million annual deficit and end of illegal encroachments and external interference in affairs of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU).

In a meeting of Core Committee of QAUAU, the senior members were of the view that as QAU is national asset and top ranking federal institution, all the efforts should be made to protect the legacy and reputation of this seat of higher learning and research.

Due to financial constraints, QAU was unable to pay the recently announced 10 per cent increase in the salaries pensions to its serving and retired employees and faculty so far save to talk of hiring qualified faculty and staff or improving existing facilities and meeting growing needs of the university. Adding fuel to fire, the University was unable to meet essential day to day expenditures. The Alumnae observed that the hostel residents are facing a number of problems due to lack of development and expansion of hostel vicinities. The decades’ old infrastructure and labs needs exigent focus to be addressed.

As per unanimous demand of all stakeholders, QAU should be declared a flagship institution along with announcement of special bailout package to overcome its financial constraints and raise the position of university amongst the top 300 universities in the world. With provision of required funding and support from the government and the alumni, this prestigious higher education institution could win more laurels for the country and meet the growing human resources needs of the country.

The committee members demanded the Federal Government to immediately announce special grant to overcome more than Rs600 million annual deficit as shortage of funds is adversely affecting this prestigious institution. The university is in dire need of a bailout to maintain its stature and ranking.

Currently, QAU is at 378th position in the world and ranks in top 100 universities of Asia.

They assured all the efforts would be made to help out their alma mater at this critical time.

On the suggestion of Manager Scholarship QAU, it was decided to organise national and international donor conferences to increase scholarships for the enrolled students.

The participants also showed their serious concerns on non-resolution of pressing issue of encroachment on QAU land which consequently impacts the future of our generations. During the meeting, it was apprised that QAU was allotted a tract of 1,709 acres, 4 kanals and 12 marlas at the time of its inception for which, the university paid the whole amount for the entire land to CDA. But CDA to the date has failed to demarcate the exact land and boundaries of QAU despite Islamabad High Court’s verdict in favour of QAU to complete the said demarcation in one month.

Despite paying all the amount for 1,709 acres, QAU is still having shortfall of 450 acres of allotted land due to illegal occupation of 298 acres and non-handing over of 152 acres.

A substantial part of QAU land is usurped by influential land grabbers and illegal settlers including former Senate Chairperson Nayyar Hussain Bukhari who is currently Secretary-General of PPP.