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Sindh University campus on the evolution of human society science and religion lecture program,

In Sindh University Campus Larkana, officials of Science, Literature and Arts Society, Yasin Memon, Saifullah Sheikh, Hanif Brohi and others organized a lecture program on the topic “Evolution of Human Society (Science and Religion)” presided over by Prof. Chancellor Professor Dr. Azhar Ali Shah. Eminent scholar and author of 13 books, Dr. Sikandar Mughal was the chief guest, while Dr. Zulfikar Rahojo, Prof. Jam Jamali, Hussain Ali Kunbhar, Hina Shah, Wazir Ali Tonio and a large number of students attended.
On this occasion, Dr. Sikandar Mughal traced the history of the universe and described the different evolutionary stages of human society in detail, saying that the 200,000-year-old hunter-gatherer stage, the 70,000-year-old stage of the cognitive revolution, which included the human Included was the development of dialects and gossip that gave rise to primitive ideas, superstitions, myths, magic, religion and other systems of human thought

Discussing the stage of the 12,000-year-old agricultural revolution, Nah said that this revolution led to villages, With permanent settlements in the form of towns, cities, private lands, estates, wealth and other resources along riverbanks, it transformed society into a class structure that gave rise to ancient civilizations including the Indus, including the Valley Civilization, Mesopotamia Civilizations include Egyptian, Chinese, and Greek or Roman civilizations.
Dr. Iskandar Mughal also spoke about the scientific revolution and the development of scientific thought during the last 500 years and compared and analyzed it with the early stages of religious thought. Dr. Azhar Ali Shah appreciated the organizers and the relationship between science and religion. Elaborating further, he said that religion has evolved and science is considered to be the soul of true and authentic religion as it helps in the interpretation of religion.
Dr. Azhar Ali Shah quoted many Quranic verses that show complete harmony with modern scientific thought and urged the students to acquire first-hand knowledge with a proper understanding of the meanings of the Quran and Connecting it with modern scientific thought will further help in understanding its meaning. Dr. Shah also spoke about Yuval Noah Harari’s three popular books including Sapiens: A Brief History of Man, Homo Dios: The Future of Tomorrow and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century and urged students to read such books.
He said that Dr. Sikandar Mughal is a writer of the caliber of Yuval Noah Harari and his scientific literature especially in Sindhi language is outstanding. Dua Shabbir, Kashif Tonio, Bilal Brohi, Jamila Chandio, Kashif Bhutto and others presented poetry and other works in the ceremony. Presented the material.


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