Smart Library

Smart street library opens window into cultural heart of city

Islamabad: A smart street library set up at Kohsar Market is likely to become a window into the cultural and social heart of the local people where they can meet, connect, socialize and enjoy reading.
According to the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the street library is a small book exchange located in neighborhoods to encourage a love of books and reading. The communal aspect of the project is particularly important, especially for people who cannot afford to buy books or get to a library.

The purpose is to encourage books to be recycled and shared and provide any member of the community access to literature and enlivening and activating public spaces.

The concept is to grab a book, read and return it. It is a beautiful display of trust and the citizens are expected to show responsibility towards it and donate their good books too.

Amna Sehar, a resident of the F-6 sector, said “It’s a great idea, isn’t it? Love that you keep stocking your local little library. The more people who read, the better it will be.”

Reading culture is deteriorating fast; not only in educational institutions but also at the community level. Good reading habits are a strong weapon especially for the students to excel in life. Books are costly and many parents cannot afford the high cost of books.

Dr. Shams-ur-Rehman, said “The libraries in learning and development of cultural activities. With digital media gaining attention,  reading has  lost focus.”

He said, “Efforts for book reading should be appreciated, although promoting book reading in this era of the internet is a difficult task  Sincere  well-thought efforts never fail.”