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Students end protest sit-in

LAHORE:Punjab University (PU) administration’s negotiations with the protesting Baloch students of the university on the issue of arrest of guest Bebagr Imdad from PU hostel remained successful.

A PU spokesman said that the university administration had written a letter to the Punjab government mentioning the concerns of the Baloch students while the protesting students had announced ending the sit-in.

The Baloch students had requested the university administration to convey their concerns to the Punjab government. The Baloch students said that the legal requirements regarding the arrest of the guest should be met. They also said that the arrested guest should be given an opportunity of fair trial and they should be informed about his whereabouts.

They said that there was unrest among the students due to the arrest of the Bebagr and all the legal requirements should be fulfilled before arresting any student from the university in future.