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Teachers protest for pay raise, allowances merger

Islamabad Teachers along with other government employees, under the banner of the All Government Employees Grand Alliance (AGEGA), staged a protest on Tuesday to remind the government about its promises made on February 11, 2021, including pay raise and merger of allowances. Thousands of employees gathered at Q Block Finance Division before marching on Parliament House in a rally led by AGEGA chief coordinator Rehman Ali Bajwa.

They staged a sit-in in front of parliament.

Employees of various ministries, departments and teachers participated in the protest.

The protesters demanded the federal government fulfill the promise of merging all their ad hoc allowances into the basic pay and increase in their salary according to current inflationary conditions.

The protest comes as a result of the non-implementation of the agreement signed with the government after the February 10, 2021, sit-in.

Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) president Dr Rahima Rahim said a huge gulf between the salaries of employees of different departments is seen which causes frustration among low-paid employees of the same grade.

He said the government should put an end to this discrimination and increase the salaries of all government employees, bringing them at par with the privileged employees.

“There should be a uniform pay and privilege mechanism for the employees of the same grade,” she said.

Chief Coordinator of AGEGA Rehman Ali Bajwa, “As per the agreement of February 11, 2021, with the government, all ad hoc allowances should be a part of basic salaries, up-gradation of grade 1-16 scale employees time scale promotion.”

He said instead of focusing of privatization, there should be institutional reforms so that the productivity of the department may increase.

Bajwa demanded that contract employees should be regularised immediately.

He warned if the authorities did not honour their promises, the AGEGA would restart its protests.

The protesters dispersed peacefully warning they will agitate if demands are not met.