The Wolf Talks’ put on digital display

LAHORE:An art-based digital display “The Wolf Talks”, curated by Dr Nico Carpentier was held at Punjab University’s Institute of English Studies (IES). 

Dean faculty of Arts & Humanities & Director IES Prof Dr Amra Raza, Chairperson Human Rights Chair Prof Dr Abida Ashraf, lecturer at IES Ayesha Akram and Maryam Raza, faculty members and students attended the event.

The project was aimed at voicing the agency of the silenced “Wolf” by dint of artistic expression. Dr Carpentier shared snippets from his extensive body of work on “Art-Based Research in Media and Communication”. His work advocates re-thinking academia and research beyond the written text and using alternative mediums of creative manifestation to communicate academic knowledge.

Dr Carpentier’s digitised project installation at IES was also a continuation of the same ideology, where the muted voice of Wolves found visage through the scan-able QR codes, and presented stimulating questions to viewers.