UET Lahore jumps to 324th place in QS world rankings

LAHORE:In the latest QS rankings in Engineering and Technology, the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore has jumped up by 52 places to 324 in the world, compared to 376 last year and 401-450 the year before.
In 2019, the UET Lahore ranked among the top 450 and was in top 500 in only two of the seven subjects ranked by QS under Engineering and Technology —Electrical and Electronic and Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing. In 2020, it ranked in top 500 in three subjects and 2021 it ranked among top 450 in four subjects.

According to the latest QS ranking data, the UET has improved its subject-wise ranking considerably compared to 2021: Petroleum Engineering 51-100; Electrical & Electronic Engineering 251-300, compared to 351-400 last year; Mechanical, Aeronautical, & Manufacturing Engineering 301-350; Chemical Engineering 351-400; and Computer Science & Information Systems 351-400, compared to 401-450 last year. Accordingly, UET ranks first in the country in Petroleum Engineering; second in Chemical Engineering and Mechanical, Aeronautical, & Manufacturing Engineering; and third in Electrical Engineering.

“Of all the parameters used for the purpose of ranking, the university received highest marks in the employer satisfaction category, which shows the quality of teaching and high academic standards at the university,” said UET Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mansoor Sarwar.

Dr Sarwar also said that university has also been focusing on high-quality research and publications through competitive research grants. He added that UET’s faculty has won 35 such grants thus far during 2022 through HEC’s National Research Program for Universities (NRPU), the highest in university’s history. In addition, some have won CPEC and Global Challenge Fund (GCF) research grants too.

To attract high-quality graduate students as well as increase the percentage of graduate students, UET started tuition-free PhD program last year. This resulted in more than four times increase in quality PhD students admitted to the university compared to the year before. This will have the ripple effect of higher quality research and more quality publications.

The UET has also been on the rise in QS Ranking of Asian Universities. Of all the universities ranked each year, the university ranking has improved from 50 percentile in 2018 to 60 in 2019, 67 in 2020, and 73 percentile in 2021. Dr Sarwar said, “Ours is the only UET in the country that is consistently ranked in QS World and Asian rankings.”