US envoy greets teachers

LAHORE:The US Consul General in Lahore William K Makaneole congratulated 42 English language teachers from non-mainstream institutes on successfully completing a two-week training programme sponsored by the US Embassy Islamabad titled “Professional Development Programme for English Language Teachers from Non-Mainstream Institutes.”

Consul General Makaneole said, “English is an international language which opens the doors of dialogue and discussion which in turn helps people to understand and appreciate different religions and cultures.”

This programme will train 400 teachers from non-mainstream educational institutions across Pakistan. More than 900 students from Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Multan, and Dera Ghazi Khan are currently enrolled in the US Mission’s English Access Microscholarship Programme and our English proficiency and entrepreneurship development programme called English Works. US diplomat also congratulated the first cohort of 82 teachers who have already completed the training.

Four more cohorts will be trained as part of this programme. While talking to the teachers present at the graduation ceremony held in Lahore, Consul General said, “English language is a great tool all including religious scholars for teaching, preaching and interfaith dialogue to create interfaith harmony and tolerance which will ultimately help us global peace.”