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WSSP launches art competitions at schools

PESHAWAR: Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP)  launched a series of art competitions at girls’ schools to teach students techniques to recycle reusable waste into beautiful items.

The art competitions were held at Government Girls High School Civil Quarters and Centennial Model School Nauthia Qadeem.  64 students participated in the contests.

The initiative is to promote recycling reusable items in students to help cut down the trash in streets and containers.

The competitions are being held under the UNICEF-funded “Community Empowerment and Capacity Building Project” where students are sensitized on the importance of a clean environment, hazards of waste and recycling. The company, in the first phase under the projects, formed WASH clubs in private and public sector schools where students were sensitized to how to save water, keep the environment clean and the importance of personal hygiene.

In the second phase, community development officers of WSSP are now organizing events and competitions to promote the recycling of waste at homes.

It will awaken the creativity of the students and encourage them to recycle and safely manage waste at homes, turning it into beautiful decorative items instead of throwing them in open areas or streets and drains.