04 years old

4-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Become World’s Youngest CCNA Professional

A four- timeold girl from Karachi has created history by getting the youthful Microsoft professional. The government of Pakistan has blazoned the achievement of Areesh Fatima on Twitter. As per original reports, Areesh Fatima has scored 831 marks in the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) test.

The government of Pakistan complimented her on her tremendous achievement by participating the picture of the little achiever alongside the caption,”A 4- timeold Pakistani girl from Karachi, Areesh Fatima has created a history as she has come a Microsoft Certified Professional at such a youthful age“. It also declared her the‘ Pride of Pakistan’in recognition of her achievements.
The minimal marks to pass the MCP test is 700, while Areesh has passed the test with 831 marks. Areesh’s father Osama who himself is an IT expert while working from home during the epidemic saw her interest in computer. He helped her in negotiating the corner. As per reports, Areesh piecemeal from learning from her father is also studying about creating and managing documents in Microsoft Word, format textbooks and sections, and creating tables, and fitting the graphic element in the train. The youthful sensation is entering appreciation from the people of Pakistan on social media.